To help guests get the most runs out of their ski day, several major North American ski resorts, use BlipTrack to measure and display live lift wait times. Skiers can use the real-time information to navigate the mountain and make the most out of their ski and ride experience.

Long lines at the ski lifts? The uncertainty around how long the process will take weighs heavily on the mind, particularly when confronted with what appears to be a lot of skiers in front of you.

To help put lift lines in perspective and eliminate guesswork about how long to wait, nine major North American ski resorts, including the four largest, has turned to BlipTrack technology to measure, calculate and present lift wait times.

The live wait times is presented on the ski resorts´ mobile app. It allows skiers to make informed decisions, such as choosing lifts with shorter wait times or taking alternate routes if available, thus improving the use of the available capacity around the resort. The wait times are continuously updated, in line with the actual behaviour of skiers, so, by considering their route, they are themselves helping to alleviate congestion.

The distribution of skiers ultimately helps reduce bottlenecks and wait times, increasing the opportunity for a positive experience, resulting in happier guests who are more likely to return. The crowd-sourced data also enables the resorts to notify staffing if areas are becoming congested, so they can identify and rectify bottlenecks before they escalate.

“We are happy to be part of the resorts´ goal to provide the best possible guest experience. It is very exciting to work with ski resorts, and to use data to both improve existing facilities and to measure the effect of new projects. Taking the guesswork and anecdotes out of guest satisfaction, and replacing it with measurable effects”, says Peter Knudsen, General Manager at Veovo, BlipTrack.

Historical data help guests plan ahead.

Besides providing real-time lift wait times, the historical data for each day of previous winter seasons, including holidays and daily snowfall totals, is now being used to give guests full visibility on actual lift line data so that they can make the most of their day on the mountain during their next trip. 

The goal is to help guests migrate to shorter, less congested lift lines. Using previous seasons data, it allows the resorts to be predictive in understanding how lines will form across thousands of acres of terrain, which is helpful in reminding guests that there is always a place to ski without crowds. The data has also helped the resorts identify where to invest in additional lift upgrades.

The solution works 24/7 in any weather, including fog, heavy snow, rain and more. The crowd-sourced information is measured both in simple T-lifts to large base areas, with queues extending into public streets.

Besides ensuring that winter sports enthusiasts experience a quick and easy passage at ski-lifts, BlipTrack is also employed in reducing passenger wait times at more than 25 international airports including New York, Cincinnati, San Diego and Amsterdam. Also, the solution is being used in optimisation efforts in road traffic applications in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Thailand and Switzerland. In recent years, it has been rolled out in ports, train stations, amusement parks, and at events around the world.

“BlipTrack give us a unique opportunity to deliver new logistics solutions for the benefit of our customers”. Read more

Mette Schmidt

Chief Technical Officer for the Port of Aalborg

BlipTrack provides our clients with an unparalleled range of traffic information. Using the same data, we can provide live travel times direct to signs and phones, identify incidents and delays through to understanding the strategic route choices, origin/destination and changing travel patterns. Read more

Richard Young

Associate at BECA

“BlipTrack provides the Aalborg City Business Association with an in-depth understanding on how people move within the city and measures the economic impact of events. The data allow us to analyze, optimize and improve large-scale events”. Read more

Flemming Tingbak

Director of Aalborg City Business Association

“The solution has helped us get a better understanding of the dynamic traffic system and provides quantifiable data to support the improvement measures to traffic flows. It allows us to provide a world-class service to our customers and community by efficiently managing traffic flows in and out of the port.” Read more.

Timothy Godden

General Manager of Strategy and Risk Management at Port of Dover

“Portsmouth has benefited from the accurate data from the BlipTrack installations with a much-improved understanding of journey times within the city of Portsmouth. We consider that the ease of extracting traffic data from BlipTrack is significant to see how time savings are achieved. Selecting the required route, date, time, etc. is very straightforward and simple to understand.”

Lee Gilbert

Traffic Engineer at Portsmouth City Council

“The solution helps improve service levels for the municipality commuters. The real-time information allows drivers to make informed route choices that ultimately distribute traffic and increases the operational performance of the road network.”

Anders Kruse Christiansen

Project Manager at Aarhus Municipality

“With BlipTrack, we can discover errors and irregularities that we would not have a chance to see otherwise. In addition, it is extremely educational and easily accessible to study how the incidents of various kinds influence the road network.”

Asbjørn Halskov-Sørensen

Project Manager at Aarhus Municipality

“With BlipTrack, we can see where the flow of visitors enter and leave the station, and measure their numbers, walking routes, length of stay, times of day, and how busy the different locations are,” says Eelco Thiellier, SMART Station program manager at Royal HaskoningDHV.

Eelco Thiellier

Strategic Advisor & Innovator at Royal HaskoningDHV

“BlipTrack helps Thai citizens to travel home faster during two major traffic events: Songkran and New Year holidays. The system allowed not only road users to decide route choices via travel time info online but also the Thai Highway Police to manage traffic in real-time.”

Dr. Songrit Chayanan

Director of Samut Sakhon Highway District.

“It gives us insights on how individual journeys can differ from each other, especially when traffic lights are involved. The ability to measure travel times over long stretches of road, with various queue lengths, and only looking at specific route choices, is another strength of the BlipTrack solution.”

Johanna Karlsson

CEO of Trafik Stockholm

“With BlipTrack we are able to measure the capacity and traffic flow in real-time in and around the area. This allows us to take proactive steps to initiate countermeasures if traffic build-up should occur. It also helps us to understand various traffic-related matters, enabling us to evaluate and validate existing traffic models and make informed decisions about where to prioritise expansions and optimisations to help the daily commute.”

Otto Åstrand

Traffic Analyst at Trafik Stockholm