Amsterdam Schiphol Airport invested eight years ago in BlipTrack technology. A solution that has dramatically improved the way people move through the airport. 

At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which serves as a transit hub for over 300 destinations, passenger numbers have skyrocketed from 50 million in 2011 to almost 70 million in 2017. Playing host to 107 airlines, and with six runways, 90 gates, heavily used road infrastructure and capacity constraints, Schiphol’s passenger management challenges are considerable, demanding valuable insight and collaboration.

The challenges are by no means small. The airport needs to accommodate rapidly increasing passenger volumes, avoid safety breaches, comply with changing regulations, keep staff happy, expand capacity and ensure that passengers enjoy a pleasant airport experience.

Multiple challenges, one holistic solution
To make this possible, Schiphol rely extensively on data provided by the BlipTrack solution, to provide real-time queue and movement information, to proactively manage passenger flow.

“At passenger processes, airports must constantly be prepared to respond to increasing passenger numbers and demands. At Airport Schiphol, which battles challenges with capacity, the solution offers a necessary level of service and logistical insights,” says Michiel de Haas, Capacity Manager at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

The solution that keeps on growing
Since inception, new functionalities have been added, including predicted wait time information, displayed on screens at passenger processing points.

“What travellers want, is to move through all the multiple processing areas as fast as possible, so that they can relax without the pressure of potentially missed flights. Keeping passengers in the loop by providing them with estimated wait times, helps reduce stress levels by creating realistic expectations,” explains Christian Bugislaus Carstens, Marketing Manager at Veovo, BlipTrack.

Also, a recently developed hybrid camera/WiFi solution helps the airport alleviate critical overcrowding issues, while passenger flow measurement provides a seamless picture of passenger movement and behaviour throughout the airport. It helps the airport add value of existing facilities and make investments to unlock new business opportunities.

“The BlipTrack solution help us manage airport performance with data-driven certainty. With real-time visibility of passenger flow, we can keep security processing quick, but also make holistic decisions on how to create more efficient and more meaningful customer experiences throughout the airport. It has proven to be very valuable, as it provides continuous airport-wide visibility and measurements - a feature that other systems do not provide, as they are not able to measure flow for longer periods or through multiple stages of the journey,” explains Eric van´t Veer, Project Manager at Schiphol Group.

A part of Schiphol´s digital transformation
The cooperation has grown considerably over the years, resulting in continuously improved solutions for both the airport and BlipTrack. Today, the partnership plays an integral part in Schiphol´s predictive approach and digital transformation initiative.

“We are working on the development of a data-driven and proactive approach towards performance management. Having accurate data available on a variety of processes is key. Therefore, we see developments towards a wider network of different sensors and combining information collected by a variety of systems. We want to work towards connecting the different processes we measure today into one single travel pattern,” ends Eric van´t Veer.

“Leveraging the immense amount of data collected by BlipTrack and other data sources enables Schiphol to learn from the past and help predict the future to make informed decisions. It also helps the airport to create a safe and secure environment, unique sense of place, and personalised experiences for everyone – staff, passengers and visitors alike,” says Peter Knudsen, General Manager at Veovo, BlipTrack.

Today, the solution covers all terminal entrances to the lounges, but by the end of 2018, it will include the complete passenger journey from airport entrances to gates, and from gates to airport exits.

“BlipTrack has proven quite successful. It has enabled CVG to continue our close collaboration with TSA to ensure that the passenger experience is one that enhances the journey experience not detracts from it.”

Candace McGraw

CEO at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

“BlipTrack gives us a clear picture of passenger movements, allowing us to provide the best customer service and proactively manage service levels before any issues arise.”

Giorgio Medici

Head of Customer Care at Milano Malpensa Airport

“BlipTrack helps us manage and eliminate potential problem spots within the facility. Sharing the processing time with our travelers provides them with peace of mind, so they may continue to expect a pleasant travel experience.” Read more

Gert-Jan de Graaff

President and CEO of JFKIAT

“BlipTrack provides valuable information that helps everyone manage expectations, especially when lines get long. The solution alerts airport employees about developing bottlenecks which allows them to react to the situation more quickly.” Read more

Daryl Jameson

Vice President at JFKIAT

“BlipTrack enables us to monitor the quality of the terminal processes to improve resource planning, and to perform consistent reporting to internal and external stakeholders.”Read more

Ward Decaluwé

Director Passenger Experience at Brussels Airport

“BlipTrack has given us a dynamic and valid tool to document our performance against service level agreements, and also to ensure that the right numbers of staff are in the right place, at the right time, for our passengers.” Read more

Rick Mernock

ATM Policy and Planning Manager at Manchester Airport

“With the automatic BlipTrack measurings, we now know precisely how many passengers to expect at the passport control at specific hours, and based on that we can reduce tailbacks.”

Kaj Lykke Majlund

Commanding Police Officer at Copenhagen Airport

“BlipTrack provides us with immediate visibility to the customer experience and resource effectiveness with throughput planning. The solution allows us to put the customer at ease at a critical stress point and reinforces our expectations around superior customer experience.” Read more

Brian Cobb

Chief Innovation Officer at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

“BlipTrack provides us with valuable insights into passenger processes. The insights are used to continuously improve our performance together with our stakeholders.

Martijn Van Boxtel

Operational Manager Terminal Logistics at Schiphol Group

“BlipTrack has helped us to resource our operations on-the-day and to identify pinch points and potential build ups. The very accurate data has enabled us to provide an optimum passenger experience by displaying accurate queue wait times.”

John Seely

Technology Projects Manager at Dublin Airport

“BlipTrack provides us with valuable real-time insights about passenger queue time dynamics. It helps our managers to secure low queue times at minimum cost, and also provides our Analysis Department with direct feedback on their forecasting performance.” Read more.

Esben Kolind

Head of Operational and Business Analysis at Copenhagen Airports

“BlipTrack has allowed us to gain a good understanding of the security check-point dynamics, and most importantly, our customers benefit directly by getting a better service.”

Anita Filli

Project Manager Landside Operations at Genève Aéroport

“As the most reliable, and one of the only solutions on the market capable of measuring passenger flow through multiple stages of the journey, it provides us with continuous, airport-wide visibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” 

Guðmundur Karl Gautason

Manager - Operation research at Isavia

“BlipTrack has greatly helped improve the customer experience by providing us with the ability to schedule taxis to be available when needed.”

David J. Boenitz

Director of Ground Transportation at San Diego International Airport.

“We are able to keep our passenger fully informed 24/7 about what to expect at security. Our aim is to make the experience as smooth as possible – BlipTrack help us do that.”

Adrian Witherow

Chief Operating Officer at Edinburgh Airport

“We had very high expectations prior to the introduction of the system, and I am very happy to say that the outcome has proved very successful. The system has capabilities of further enhancements which will provide other long-term solutions in the future.”

Paul Davies

Operations Director at Bristol Airport

“Vital to our Master Plan programme is a deep understanding of airport capacity, bottlenecks and constraints, and BlipTrack is key to this.”

Chris Wilson

Head of Capacity & Performance at Birmingham International Airport

“We value the long-term cooperation and their professional approach in providing us with technology and data to ensure efficient operations and passenger satisfaction.”

Lars Erik Flatner

Head of ICT Portfolio at Avinor.

”BlipTrack helps us identify how passengers move through and use the airport, from the time they park, when they leave, and everywhere in between. It enables us to look for patterns through the day/week, to see the impact of the various actions we implement, to reduce bottlenecks and wait time for our passengers.”

Jan Hessellund

CEO at Billund Airport.

“BlipTrack has allowed us, together with our airport partners and stakeholders, to better manage operations, as well as improve the passenger experience by communicating expected wait times to passengers at processing points.”

Michael Side

Operations Technology Asset Manager at Auckland International Airport

With BlipTrack we have coverage at our fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling us to use service level agreements more fairly—not just over selected periods. This rapid information allows us to take fast, proactive measures before the situation escalates.”

Phil Holder

Head of Operations Support at Bristol Airport

“BlipTrack helps ensure that passengers experience a quick and easy passage through this stage of the journey, and significantly increase the opportunity for a positive experience throughout the airport.”

Øystein Skaar

Airport Director at Bergen Airport

“BlipTrack was our first “innovative” push for our organization. This has subsequently paid off in operational efficiency, customer goodwill, effective supporting deployment strategies, positive organizational momentum as well as positive global press and organizational credibility.”

Brian Cobb

Chief Innovation Officer at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

“With BlipTrack, we can proactively manage passenger flow, and respond promptly and efficiently to irregular operations and disruptions.”

Olivia Pierre

General Manager of Commercial and Customer Experience, Queenstown Airport