“BlipTrack is the most innovative solution we deploy. It provides our customers all they need to know about how the streets and roads they are responsible for are operating.

Eamonn O´Donnell

Managing Director at Bandwidth Telecommunications Limited

“BlipTrack is an optimal solution to perform Origin and Destination studies in major traffic areas. The solution is extremely cost efficient compared to traditional technologies and outstanding in measuring travel times. BlipTracks´s user-friendly analytical tools provide us with a complete overview of the traffic situation”

Farshad Farhat

Project Manager at Dynniq

BlipTrack provide our clients with an unparalleled range of traffic information. Using the same data, we can provided live travel times direct to signs and phones, identify incidents and delays through to understanding the strategic route choices, origin / destination and changing travel patterns. Read more

Richard Young

Associate at BECA

“The BlipTrack solution is very cost effective, easy to install and commission, and the filter engine provides a robust method for removing the outlier data sets caused by vehicles stopping at shops, etc. BlipTrack has provided our clients with a level of confidence in better understanding journey times and hence managing the expectations of the travelling public.” Read more

Peter Eccleson

Managing Director of Smart Video & Sensing Ltd

“BlipTrack offer accurate, robust traffic monitoring from the busiest highway to city streets, at very low cost and with no traffic disruption. We are seeing tremendous interest from provincial and city road agencies across Canada and in the US as they all seek to immediately better manage traffic throughout their road networks.”

Bob Burrows

CEO of G4Apps

Argun Ersen

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Email: argun.ersen@derivalabs.com

website: http://www.derivalabs.com

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Eivind Jamholt Bæra

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Remo Schiltknecht

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Stuart Moffat

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João Ogando dos Santos

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Richard Young

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Eamonn O´Donnell

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Jón Tryggvi Helgason

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Peter Eccleson

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Eelco Thiellier

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Telephone: +86 108 463 6513

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Bob Burrows

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