Trains are one of the most sustainable and green form of transportation, but we need to improve the accessibility, comfort and efficiency to get more people to use them. To help improve in all areas, Dutch NPC and Danish BLIP Systems have partnered.

The Netherlands has approached the issue with the help from the Danish company Blip Systems, which specializes in flow and queue measurements at airports, road networks and now also at train stations. The aim is to learn more about the train passengers’ movement patterns at the train station, to improve customer experience and to make the station fit for the future, while maintaining its monumental qualities.

“We are excited to work with knowledgeable partners like NPC, and are confident that they will be able to add value to the data gathered by BlipTrack. We hope that train stations will be yet another area where data gathered by BlipTrack, and analysed by experts, can help solve passenger flow related problems and generate a higher level of comfort as well as more efficient use of resources. We see train stations as a very interesting market with great potential”, says BLIP Systems CEO Peter Knudsen.

Blip Systems has, together with NPC, installed 22 sensors at the main railway station in Groningen, which is one of Holland’s largest cities with 200,000 inhabitants. By using Blip Systems’ combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solution, BlipTrack, an eight-week study is made where passengers, carrying phones and tablets with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, are anonymously registered. At Groningen train station, important data about the flow of passengers will be gathered, for optimizing station design and fine tuning daily processes. The setup at Groningen is the first in several planned installations.

BlipTrack’s potential is promising, since the system is cost-effective compared to existing solutions and can be applied in all kinds of public transportation hubs. Especially travellers will notice a significant difference as BlipTrack helps reduce congestion and ensures stable service with minimum delay.

“The cooperation in developing a measuring solution specific for train stations together with BLIP Systems and the Netherlands Railways (NS) has proven to be an excellent approach so far. Where NPC and NS have the knowledge of train stations, BLIP Systems can deliver privacy proof, secure and valid measuring solutions. Although we are still in progress, the first results look extremely promising. Furthermore it’s great to experience a high level of trust between NPC and BLIP Systems which makes it very pleasant and productive to work together. I’m impressed by the employees of BLIP Systems, very committed, result and quality driven and being able to think big and act flexible. All together I have high expectations for the future partnering with BLIP Systems”, says Program Manager for SMART Station Eelco Thiellier.