Finavia, operator of 25 airports within Finland, has selected the Bluetooth passenger tracking solution, BlipTrack, to help measure passenger queue and total processing time at Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL) airport.

With over 13 million passengers each year, HEL is the 4th busiest airport in Scandinavia, providing the shortest flight times to Asia of any airport in Europe. Thanks to a combination of the latest technology, innovative design and best-practice in customer service, Finavia has ensured that Helsinki Airport has remained one of the top European airports for the last 15 years. As a result of its strategic location, Finavia has experienced consistent growth in international and transfer passengers at HEL throughout 2010, increasing almost 15% over the last year. Finavia has selected BLIP Systems passenger tracking solution, BlipTrack, to facilitate effective queue measurement, enabling process optimization throughout the
terminal even in the face of this increased demand.

Pirjo Lähteelä, Head of Passengers & Airlines at Finavia, says; “Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our passenger process is a key priority for Finavia at Helsinki-Vantaa, ensuring we continue to offer excellent customer service across our terminal operations. “With the BlipTrack solution, we are confident that our operational managers will gain a greater understanding of the passenger journey through our terminals. This enhanced situational awareness will allow Finavia to further improve the customer experience, even as traffic volume continues to increase."

Enhancing travelling experience
Finavia will join a host of other leading airports, including Oslo and Copenhagen, who utilize the solution to display queuing times at key operational processes on public displays. Finavia hopes that better informed passengers will enhance the overall travelling experience at the airport.The BlipTrack solution relies on Bluetooth technology to enable improved operational planning based upon accurate queue, dwell and process data. This will allow HEL to undertake efficient tactical deployment and strategic planning of terminal processes and layout, ensuring the airport meets its goal of becoming the most popular transfer hub for air traffic between Europe and Asia.

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