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Real-time insights to interpret, maintain and optimise all aspects of an operation.

BlipTrack´s open sensor-agnostic platform combines and analyses data from multiple technologies, including WiFi sensors, cameras, people counters, existing WIFI networks, and other third-party data sources, all in one secure data warehouse. Through advanced data-mining and predictive algorithms, both real-time and empiric data is transformed into context-rich information.

Data is presented in a web-based graphical user interface with compelling visualisations. It contains a series of interactive graphs and dashboard views, which can be customised to individual requirements. Incident alarms can easily be created and automatically forwarded when predefined thresholds are exceeded.

Data can be extracted in any combination and exported in various formats, including CSV/XML/PDF. Through SOAP/REST API, it can easily be integrated into existing management systems. Live server monitoring allows for issues to be handled before they become problems.

The platform is offered as a hosted solution, eliminating the need for costly server installation and maintenance, virus protection, backup and software upgrades. The intuitive interface gives a complete overview of the situation at a strategic and operational level, and with a rapid understanding of analysis and performance.

It provides intelligent recommendations and all the necessary tools to accurately plan and manage operations, and assigning assets and resources more efficiently.

  • Analysis of data from multiple technologies to provide a complete overview of the situation
  • Multi-departmental graphical user interface with compelling visualisations and insights
  • Multiple data export possibilities and easy integration into existing management systems
  • Hosted solution eliminates the need for costly servers and maintenance
  • Intelligent recommendations and all necessary tools to match staffing with demand.

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