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Airport Solutions

Visibility on resource effectiveness for greater processing efficiency,
to increase revenue and improve passenger experience.

BlipTrack consists of several advanced modules which are designed to optimize all stages of passenger handling and improve commercial areas. 

From queue predictions and flow measurements to advanced capacity forecasting, the modules provide airports with insights to effectively scale staffing resources with demand, improve non-aviation revenue, while maintaining a high level of passenger service.


BlipTrack Forecasting

Accurate forecasts are key to smooth and efficient airport operations. Each day brings new changes such as flight delays, seasonal changes, national holidays and more. Disruptions impact the operational plan and require both live and long-term operational changes in airport passenger processing areas to prevent queues, frustrated passengers and lost revenue.

The Passenger Appearance Forecasting Module provides decision support for operational managers to scale capacity with demand. It provides forecasts for passengers appearances while compensating for changes in the flight plan, various delays and events, vacations and more.

The Capacity Optimizer Module allows managers to continuously optimize the number of open lanes, using the least amount of resources, without violating key performance indicators (KPIs) or compromising the passenger experience.

The Queue Forecasting Module enables managers to adjust production capacity in time to allocate staff resources, preventing queue build-up, violated KPIs and frustrated passengers. It provides forecasts of expected queue lengths, incorporating known deviations to flight schedules, planned capacity and productivity.

The ability to automatically collect and utilize real-time and historical input, provides airports with accurate forecasts of passenger volumes and expected wait times. It enables managers to automatically and effectively plan capacity and allocate staff resources both in real-time and for the days, weeks and months to come.


BlipTrack Queue Measurement and Queue Prediction

In order to improve traveler satisfaction, comply with service-level agreements and evaluate KPIs, it is important that managers are able to measure and subsequently improve queue waiting times.

The Queue Measurement Module provides managers with accurate queue time, dwell time and throughput.

The Queue Prediction Module puts queue lines—such as at check-in, security, border control and taxi rank—in perspective, eliminating guesswork about how long the process will take, so travelers know exactly how long they have to wait. Displaying accurate wait times reduces traveler frustration by creating realistic wait time expectations.

By ensuring that passengers experience a quick and easy passage through airport processes, management are able to increase concession dwell time, encouraging passengers to use retail facilities. Studies reveal that every minute of delay costs up to €1.00 per passenger.


BlipTrack Flow Measurement

The success of an airport, and its image, is heavily influenced by the ability to handle passenger flow smoothly and efficiently. To understand and improve individual areas of an airport´s operation, it is important that the traveler’s journey is seen as one process, rather than as a string of isolated events. The understanding that all individual events influence each other is key to unlocking potential gains.

The Flow Measurement Module provides airports with specific and accurate statistical information on passengers´ use of retail and facilities. It enables managers to review the flow of passengers to retrieve information about specific patterns, such as entrance and exit usage, walking and shopping patterns, service use, time spent, queue times, boarding procedures, travel destination and much more.

As non-aviation activities have become increasingly important for airports, and studies reveal that half of the airport´s revenue come from retail and parking, the importance of measuring, optimizing and improving the passenger flow has increased significantly.

“The solution alerts airport employees about developing bottlenecks which allows them to react to the situation more quickly.” Read more

Daryl Jameson
Vice President at JFKIAT

“BLIP Systems provides us with valuable insights in passenger processes. The insights are used to continuously improve our performance together with our stakeholders. BLIP Systems has proved to be a reliable partner, with a clear understanding of our needs.”

Martijn Van Boxtel
Operational Manager Terminal Logistics at Schiphol Group

“BlipTrack has helped us to resource our operations on the day, and to identify pinch points and potential build ups. The very accurate data is used by our staff to monitor operations, and has enabled us to provide an optimum passenger experience by displaying accurate queue wait times.”

John Seely
Technology Projects Manager at Dublin Airport Operations

“With BlipTrack we are able to keep our passengers fully informed24/7 – both in the terminal and online – about what to expect at security. At peak times, up to 3,000 passengers an hour travel through security and our aim is to make that experience as smooth as possible whilst ensuring safety – BLIP Systems helps us do that.”

Adrian Witherow
Chief Operating Officer at Edinburgh Airport

“BLIP Systems has positioned CVG on the technology cutting edge of real-time wait analytics and efficiency planning. BlipTrack provides us with immediate visibility to the customer experience and resource effectiveness with throughput planning. The solution allows us to put the customer at ease at a critical stress point and reinforces our expectations around superior customer experience.” Read more

Brian Cobb
Vice President, Customer Experience at CVG

“BlipTrack helps us manage and eliminate potential problem spots within the facility. Sharing the processing time with our travelers provides them with peace of mind, so they may continue to expect a pleasant travel experience.” Read more

Gert-Jan de Graaff
President and CEO of JFKIAT

“BlipTrack provides us with valuable real-time insights about passenger queue time dynamics. It helps our managers to secure low queue times at minimum cost, and also provides our Analysis Department with direct feedback on their forecasting performance.” Read more.

Esben Kolind
Head of Operational and Business Analysis at Copenhagen Airports

“BlipTrack allow us to gain a good understanding of check-point dynamics. In combination with the operational experience of our security staff, we work in an increasingly more proactive way. And most importantly, our customers benefit directly by getting a better service.”

Anita Filli
Project Manager Landside Operations at Genève Aéroport

“We use BlipTrack to see when levels of service are breached and locate the reasons. This has helped us to identify work shift problems and to make more informed decisions.”

Guðmundur Karl Gautason
Project Manager - Operation Research at Keflavik Airport.

“BlipTrack has enabled CVG to continue our close collaboration with TSA to ensure that the passenger experience is one that enhances the journey experience rather than detract from it.” Read more

Candace McGraw
CEO at Cincinnati Airport

“The implementation of BlipTrack gives us another tool to help manage the operation of the airport in an even more effective way.”

Janik Reigate
Director of Customer Service at Toronto Pearson Airport

“BlipTrack gives us a clear picture of passenger movements, allowing us to provide the best customer service and proactively manage service levels before any issues arise.”

Giorgio Medici
Head of Customer Care at Milano Malpensa Airport