Designed to make the job of those who manage queue and flow easier, more efficient and more effective.

Transform data into value

BlipTrack is designed to give you the visibility you need to effectively match capacity with demand, maximise revenue and improve customer experience, all through the power of accurate, real-time data.


From queue predictions and flow measurements to advanced capacity forecasting, the solution provides visibility on resource effectiveness for greater processing efficiency, increased revenue and improved customer experience.

 Capacity Forecasting 

 Queue Management 

 Flow Management 


Get passenger behavioural data to handle flow smoothly and improve travelers comfort and safety.


Monitor traffic for useful analytics, queue wait times, streamlining operations and increase revenue.

Amusement Park

Provide a first-class guest experience, improve capacity planning and maximise revenue.

Ski Resort

Provide skiers with real time wait time on the slopes, and improving overall flow and experience.

The Analysis Platform

Our ultra-sophisticated, easy-to-use, multi-departmental decision-engine provides airports, municipalities and other high-traffic facilities with a complete overview of the situation:

All in all

 Streamline operation
 Reduce overhead
 Maximise revenue

You are presented with up-to-date visual representations of what's happening throughout your facility, plus performance analysis that helps you provide optimum service. It puts you completely in control and gives you the power to make quick, informed decisions about resource allocation, facilities layout and so much more.

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