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Road Traffic Solutions

Real-time travel time, queue detection
and origin/destination information.

Understanding who is using the road, where they are going and whether they get there on time is essential for policymakers, traffic managers and drivers alike.

Travel-time-IllustrationTraffic planning is normally based on assumptions, simulations and short-term traffic surveys. However, the cost of processing this data by hand means that even the most comprehensive survey can still only ever be a snapshot. This constrained time frame means that any models built from the survey data could end up being based on unusual driver behavior caused by unknown events such as traffic incidents or bad weather.


But as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies have become ubiquitous, and a substantial percentage of vehicles and pedestrians now carry detectable electronic devices, faster and more reliable real-time traffic measurement can be conducted.

In recent years, more and more municipalities have turned to sensors that detects the signals of drivers´ and pedestrians´ mobile devices. The sensors accurately measures travel times, average speeds and dwell times, while simultaneously provide data about how people move and use the road network.

origin-destination-bubbleBlipTrack enables traffic engineers to monitor and proactively manage the road network in real time, allowing them to detect incidents in a matter of seconds, and respond to situations before they are exacerbated by additional congestion. The data enables road authorities to take proactive steps to initiate countermeasures, such as change traffic light settings or dispatch traffic regulators. In addition, drivers can be informed about delays, travel times and alternative routes on signs and mobile applications to minimize frustration.

The distribution of drivers ultimately helps reduce bottlenecks, and significantly increases the opportunity for a positive driving experience, with less stop/starts, and lower fuel consumption and emissions as a result.

Macbook-with-screenshot-of-Pedestrian-FlowThe solution is also able to provide specific and accurate statistical information on the use of the road network, enabling traffic engineers to understand various traffic-related matters, such as the impact of traffic control, weather-related traffic patterns, congestion patterns at roadworks, accidents and events, and driving behavior and patterns in high-density areas. With this information, traffic engineers are able to evaluate and validate existing traffic models and make informed decisions about where to prioritize expansions and optimizations, to help the daily commute.

BlipTrack delivers reporting capabilities with live and historical information in a web-based, intuitive user interface with compelling visualizations and real-time insights. The solution enables data extraction in any combination, allowing quick and efficient integration into existing management systems.


“We consider that the ease of extracting traffic data from BlipTrack is significant to see how time savings are achieved. Selecting the required route, date, time, etc. is very straightforward and simple to understand.”

Lee Gilbert

Traffic Engineer at Portsmouth City Council

“BlipTrack has helped us get a better understanding of the dynamic traffic system and provides quantifiable data to support the improvement measures to traffic flows. This will allow us to continue to provide a world-class service to our customers and community by efficiently managing traffic flows in and out of the port.” Read more.

Timothy Godden

General Manager of Strategy and Risk Management at Port of Dover

“The benefits we have gained from the BlipTrack solution since implementation are very significant. We now discover errors and irregularities that we would not have a chance to see otherwise. In addition, it is extremely educational and easy accessible to study how the incidents of various kinds influence the road network.”

Asbjørn Halskov-Sørensen

Project Manager at Aarhus Municipality

“BlipTrack helped Thai citizens to travel home faster during two major traffic events: Songkran and New Year holidays. The system allowed not only road users to decide route choices via travel time info online but also the Thai Highway Police to manage traffic in real-time.”

Dr. Songrit Chayanan

Director of Samut Sakhon Highway District.

“The data from the BlipTrack sensors reveals, how reliable traveling times are and how much they vary. Furthermore, they show, which routes are used for shortcuts in peak times. This information is useful for managing road traffic”.

Dr. Christian Ordon

Project Leader at the Office of Transport of the Canton of Zürich.

“The BlipTrack solution helps improve service levels for the municipality commuters. The real-time travel time and wait time information allows drivers to make informed route choices that ultimately distribute traffic and increases the operational performance of the road network.”

Anders Kruse Christiansen

Project Manager at Aarhus Municipality

“We know, from using the BlipTrack technology, when the busy peaks are. We use the technology also to actually see how long are the delays we´re causing, doing construction”

Chris Harmer

Traffic Manager at Higgins / M2PP

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