In the canton of Zürich, BlipTrack sensors measure and analyse travel times for strategic planning-tasks. The collected data is used to provide in-depth insights about changes in traffic patterns, identify time-critical route sections and reveal the competitiveness of the transport means.

The metropolitan area of Zürich is experiencing both rapid growth and increasing traffic volumes. This development has led to a significant increase in both the public transportation sector, with more and more commuters, as well as the number of vehicles on the roads.

Faced with the challenges of optimising and improving the road infrastructure, the Office of Transport of the canton of Zürich needed a solution to help provide detailed traffic information.

In 2013, a network of BlipTrack sensors, from Denmark-based information technology company BLIP Systems was installed by Innolutions GmbH, along specific routes in and around the canton of Zürich.


In the 5-year project, over 80 sensors will measure real-time travel times and analyze road traffic on 50 main routes for about a month per year. The collected traffic information, which is analyzed and documented by DTV-Verkehrsconsult, is primarily used for strategic-planning tasks, such as identifying time-critical route sections, provide information about alternative routes that are not signaled, and detecting changes in traffic patterns. In addition, by comparing travel times on roads shared with public transport, the competitiveness of transport means on particular relations is revealed. These results are also considered in regional traffic concepts.

The measured routes and results will be available later this week on:

"The main reason for installing the sensors is to gain data about travel times and to get an idea of how the quality in transport is developing. The development and knowledge of the travel times helps us to identify potential for improvements in our road network,” says Christian Ordon, project leader at the Office of Transport of the canton of Zürich.

“We conducted an independent field test in 2011 to investigate the options of using Bluetooth-technology in terms of traffic management. The results, especially in collecting travel times and turning ratios were convincing. Bluetooth-technology is the easiest way of collecting valid data for a travel time measurement,” says Thorsten Kathmann, project leader at DTV-Verkehrsconsult.

“The installation and commission of BlipTrack sensors is easy and user-friendly. All traffic information is presented in real-time and in selectable graphics, accordingly to the wishes of the user," says Remo Schiltknecht, project manager at Innolutions GmbH.

“We value the long-term cooperation with canton of Zurich and with all the parties involved in the project. It is a privilege to work with such dedicated and professional people. We look forward to be a part of Zürich´s ongoing plan to be one of Europe´s most progressive cities,” says Mads Bo Frederiksen, Sales Manager at BLIP Systems.

BlipTrack-Traffic-IllustrationThe Office of Transport is considering using the solution for permanent travel time measurements. This will enable the canton of Zürich to create an even better scheme of the daily commute and road network improvements. In addition, the canton is considering using the data to provide drivers with real-time traffic information, such as driving times and alternative routes, which will ultimately help to improve the economic benefits through reduced travel times, fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

Besides measuring and improving traffic in Switzerland, the BlipTrack solution is successfully employed in optimization efforts for road traffic in New Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada and Ireland. BlipTrack is also implemented in more than 25 international airports, including Genève, New York, Cincinnati, Amsterdam, Dubai, Dublin, Toronto, Milano, Barcelona, Auckland, Brussels, Oslo, Manchester, Copenhagen and Helsinki. In recent years, the solution has also been rolled out in ports in Dover and Aalborg, train stations i Holland, ski resorts in the US, amusement parks in Denmark, and at events all over the world.

“The data from the BlipTrack sensors reveals, how reliable traveling times are and how much they vary. Furthermore, they show, which routes are used for shortcuts in peak times. This information is useful for managing road traffic”.

Dr. Christian Ordon

Project Leader at the Office of Transport of the Canton of Zürich.

“The BlipTrack solution is the easiest way of collecting valid data for a travel time measurement. The data, especially when used for collecting travel times and turning ratios, are very accurate.”

Thorsten Kathmann

Project leader at DTV-Verkehrsconsult

The installation and commission of BlipTrack sensors is easy and the interface is very user-friendly. All traffic information is presented in real-time and in selectable graphics, accordingly to the wishes of the user.”

Rolf Arnold

Director at Innolutions GmbH