Copenhagen Airport is so impressed with their current implementation BlipTrack queue measurement solution that they are now expanding the technology to four new areas of the airport, covering every single security screening facility within the airport.

Increasing effectiveness
Less than a year after the initial installation of the BlipTrack solution at the Central Security Screening facility - CPH now expands the solution to cover all security screening facilities within the airport. The new areas are: Terminal 1 Domestic, SAS Fast Track, Non-Schengen to Schengen and employee entrance. Copenhagen Airport has always been keen on providing a good passenger service, and of the key elements in this effort is a short queue time at the security screening facilities. This would be done while still keeping the usage of staff resources low and provide detailed knowledge about passenger flow and the queue times.

Previous manual measurements usually had a series of limitations: Lack of cost-effectiveness and information that was not up to date. Well, not any more. With BlipTrack queue times are measured accurately and objectively - and they are provided 24/7.

CPH065New Passenger service
Copenhagen Airports goal is that the passengers experience a smooth and pleasant journey through the airport. That mission includes many different aspects but one of the main objectives to ease the passenger’s journey is reduce waiting time as much as possible. Now the passengers updated through the monitors implemented at the airport – and the data behind the information is supplied by the BlipTrack solution.

"The main benefits of the system are that it provides easily accessible historic data, while still analyzing live statistics on waiting time. It means we now have monitors displaying accurate real-time waiting time for our passengers in all our International Terminals,” says Birgitte Krabbe, Head of CSC.

Multiple functionalities
The BlipTrack system can be applied to multiple levels within the organization:

• The Area Manager will know where and when passenger service would benefit most from adding further resources.
• The Security Manager will know exactly what it will take to reduce the queue time with 1 minute - and the consequences for passengers, if the staff is reduced.
• SLA discussions related to security screening between CPH and air liners are now based on data from the BlipTrack solution - and the existence of a third party objective system has simplified the negotiations.

At CPH a 2 phased installation has been made. Phase 1 included Central Security and phase 2 has included T1 domestic, SAS Fast track, Non-Schengen to Schengen and the employee entrance. In total the solution includes over 40 sensors mounted in these sectors.

The BlipTrack server solution has a web-based interface, providing real-time queue times, historic trends and Key Performance Indicators for analysis. The CPH installation is a great example for anyone to follow – if they want a cost-effective and reliable way of monitoring customers, in order to provide optimal service.

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