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BlipTrack Traffic Radar

Real-time traffic volume measurement,
classification, speed analysis & incident detection.

Traffic radar for accurate vehicle counting, speed and classification, lane and on/off ramp monitoring and incident detection. A complete solution to compute and accumulate statistical data including direction, lane, volume, occupancy, average speed, gap, headway and 85th percentile speed.

The innovative forward looking principle enables the radar to detect both approaching and receding traffic up to 160 meters. It covers up to 6 lanes in both directions simultaneously and provides precise volume and classification data for 4+1 classes.



Range, radial speed, angle, reflectivity and other parameters of multiple stationary and moving reflectors (targets) are measured simultaneously. Each detection is timestamped and stored with vehicle type information and speed in point. As vehicles are detected over a long period, the driving behavior can be analyzed, which helps mitigating occlusions and increases counting accuracy to approximately 95%.

RadarHow it works
The field proven radar projects a single low power microwave beam along the road and detects all objects inside the field of view. The forward firing operation principle, detecting along the road instead of across the road, enables the radar to deliver higher quality speed and occupancy data. In addition, it allows real-time direct measurement of range, speed and azimuth angle (lane position) of all vehicles simultaneously even in complex traffic conditions. The wide detection area enable users to define up to four measurement (counting) lines inside the field of view.

Works in all weather conditions
The robust radar works in adverse conditions and performance is not affected by dirt, smog, fog, sunlight, wind, sandstorms or extreme temperatures. Rain and snow have only small impact on sensor performance and is usually not noticeable due to detection margins and advanced tracking algorithms. IP67 water tight housing enables the radar to be mounted in all environments.

Radar-illustrationEasy mounting and setup
The radar is easily mounted, in a height of 6 meters, on existing road structures and poles without disrupting traffic. No setback is required. Suitable for permanent or temporary installations.

BlipTrack integration and power supply
The radar is integrated and powered through the BlipTrack Bluetooth / WiFi Outdoor sensor, which is either connected to a local permanent or intermittent power supply, such as street lighting or solar power, or to an independent power source. The radar is not sold separately. Radar alignment, configuration and updates are handled by remote by BLIP Systems. Live monitoring with automated alarms and recovery handles issues before they escalate into problems.

macbook-with-screenshot-of-bliptrack-radar-guiAdvanced data analysis and visualization
The data is transmitted in real-time, via Ethernet or mobile broadband, to a secure data warehouse. At network connection loss, data caching is enabled. The data is analyzed and presented in BLIP Systems web-based user interface, with graphs and dashboard views. Data can be displayed overlaid, for a complete view of the situation, with a rapid understanding of analysis and performance.

The data can be easily integrated with existing management systems through various data output facilities.

“BlipTrack helps Thai citizens to travel home faster during two major traffic events: Songkran and New Year holidays. The system allowed not only road users to decide route choices via travel time info online but also the Thai Highway Police to manage traffic in real-time.”

Dr. Songrit Chayanan

Director of Samut Sakhon Highway District.

“BlipTrack offer accurate, robust traffic monitoring from the busiest highway to city streets, at very low cost and with no traffic disruption. We are seeing tremendous interest from provincial and city road agencies across Canada and in the US as they all seek to immediately better manage traffic throughout their road networks.”

Bob Burrows

CEO of G4Apps

“BlipTrack has helped us get a better understanding of the dynamic traffic system and provides quantifiable data to support the improvement measures to traffic flows. It allow us to continue to provide a world-class service to our customers and community by efficiently managing traffic flows in and out of the port.” Read more.

Timothy Godden

General Manager of Strategy and Risk Management at Port of Dover

“BlipTrack is the most innovative solution we deploy. It provides our customers all they need to know about how the streets and roads they are responsible for are operating.

Eamonn O´Donnell

Managing Director at Bandwidth Telecommunications Limited

BlipTrack provide our clients with an unparalleled range of traffic information. Using the same data, we can provided live travel times direct to signs and phones, identify incidents and delays through to understanding the strategic route choices, origin / destination and changing travel patterns. Read more

Richard Young

Associate at BECA

“The BlipTrack solution is very cost effective, easy to install and commission, and the filter engine provides a robust method for removing the outlier data sets caused by vehicles stopping at shops, etc. BlipTrack has provided our clients with a level of confidence in better understanding journey times and hence managing the expectations of the travelling public.” Read more

Peter Eccleson

Managing Director of Smart Video & Sensing Ltd

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