Analysis Platform

A dynamic view and all the necessary tools to easily interpret, maintain and optimise all aspects of your operation

Our ultra-sophisticated, easy-to-use, multi-departmental decision engine provides airports, municipalities and other high-traffic facilities with a complete overview of the situation at a strategic and operational level, and with a rapid understanding of analysis and performance.

You get valuable insights and all the necessary tools you need to streamline operation, reduce overhead, and maximise revenue. You are presented with up-to-date visual representations of what's happening throughout your facility, plus performance analysis that helps you provide optimum service.

  • Draw from historic data, future schedules and growth predictions to more accurately plan and forecast
  • Use movement data to optimise your facility’s layout and positioning of outlets and services
  • Make informed retail planning decisions and increase concession opportunities and income
  • Draw accurate live forecasts, to scale resources with demand
  • Evaluate and challenge your key performance indicators on the go
  • Gain insights on future staffing requirements based on demand, and plan accordingly

Our sensor-agnostic platform integrates, analyses and visualises data from multiple technologies, including WiFi and Bluetooth sensors, 3D cameras, people counters and other third-party data sources, all in one secure data warehouse.

We use advanced data-mining and predictive modeling analytics, to give you both real-time and historical context-rich data, presented in an intuitive web-based user interface with compelling visualisations.

It is easily customised to suit each individual user, and allows you to create and individualise dashboards with a series of interactive vector-based widgets, KPI graphs, maps with real-time data overlays, route graphs and much more.

The insightful data can easily be integrated with your existing management systems through various data output facilities. You can create automated incident alarms when predefined thresholds are exceeded, and design and display real-time wait and travel times to ease your customers´ minds.

Our daily server backup prevents loss of data due to hardware and software errors. Live server monitoring, with automated alarms and recovery, handles issues before they become problems.

The solution is offered as a hosted solution, eliminating the need for costly server installation and maintenance, virus protection, backup and software upgrades.


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