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Resourcing visibility for efficient processing and enhanced guest experience.

Ride lines are the number one pet peeve of park guests. The time spent waiting invariably comes at the top of the list of customer complaints. To efficiently manage queues - and reduce the number of complaints - it is essential to accurately measure and predict how many people are standing in line and for how long.

Wait times to manage expectations.

BlipTrack accurately measures and predicts wait times, while simultaneously providing data about how guests move and use the park. The solution also enables parks to communicate park-wide estimated wait times, offering guests the opportunity to maximise their time by avoiding congested rides. This ability to plan gives them a more stress-free and pleasant experience. As an added benefit, more even distribution will reduce overall waiting times, further adding to improved guest experience.

Early warning allows for proactive actions.

As data is collected in real time, BlipTrack can provide early warning if lines become congested. This allows for proactive measures, such as opening additional lines or providing way-finding to rides with shorter wait times.

Visibility to improve operations and plan ahead.

Documenting movement patterns is crucial to higher efficiency when planning and optimising the position of rides, restaurants, restrooms and services. BlipTrack can cover the entire park, providing a cohesive picture of guest movement and dwell patterns from arrival to departure, with the ability to retrieve both live and historical information as needed.

It enhances an understanding of how disruptions or changes affect standard behaviour, how to optimise every area to operate optimally, and how to add value to existing facilities and new investments.

Decision support to scale capacity with demand.

Planning ahead and taking all necessary precautions is a critical piece of the puzzle. This not only helps prevent negative publicity caused by overcrowding but also helps avoid harmful situations. By combining operations with known guest data, future expected growth, overall trends, events, holidays and more, the park can efficiently scale staffing with guest attendance at the right times.

BlipTrack enables amusement parks to:

+ Measure and improve queue performance to ensure compliance with service-level agreements.

+ Communicate accurate wait time information on screens and mobile apps to create realistic expectations.

+ Make informed strategic resourcing, facility, and expansion-planning decisions.

+ Create accurate capacity plans to continuously match resources with demand.

How it works

Through advanced data-mining and deep-learning algorithms, collected from a variety of technologies and third-party data sources, BlipTrack delivers both live and empirical people counts, queue times, flow patterns and occupancy analytics. The detailed data is transformed into context-rich information, and presented in a web-based user interface with compelling visualisations. Analysis Platform

BlipTrack enables parks to learn from the past and help predict the future, to make informed operational and business decisions, maximise staffing resources, unlock new business opportunities, and deliver exceptional customer experience.

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“With BlipTrack, we can proactively manage passenger flow, and respond promptly and efficiently to irregular operations and disruptions.”

Olivia Pierre

General Manager of Commercial and Customer Experience, Queenstown Airport

“BlipTrack was our first “innovative” push for our organization. This has subsequently paid off in operational efficiency, customer goodwill, effective supporting deployment strategies, positive organizational momentum as well as positive global press and organizational credibility.”

Brian Cobb

Chief Innovation Officer at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

“BlipTrack helps ensure that passengers experience a quick and easy passage through this stage of the journey, and significantly increase the opportunity for a positive experience throughout the airport.”

Øystein Skaar

Airport Director at Bergen Airport

With BlipTrack we have coverage at our fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling us to use service level agreements more fairly—not just over selected periods. This rapid information allows us to take fast, proactive measures before the situation escalates.”

Phil Holder

Head of Operations Support at Bristol Airport

“BlipTrack has allowed us, together with our airport partners and stakeholders, to better manage operations, as well as improve the passenger experience by communicating expected wait times to passengers at processing points.”

Michael Side

Operations Technology Asset Manager at Auckland International Airport

”BlipTrack helps us identify how passengers move through and use the airport, from the time they park, when they leave, and everywhere in between. It enables us to look for patterns through the day/week, to see the impact of the various actions we implement, to reduce bottlenecks and wait time for our passengers.”

Jan Hessellund

CEO at Billund Airport.

“We value the long-term cooperation and their professional approach in providing us with technology and data to ensure efficient operations and passenger satisfaction.”

Lars Erik Flatner

Head of ICT Portfolio at Avinor.

“Vital to our Master Plan programme is a deep understanding of airport capacity, bottlenecks and constraints, and BlipTrack is key to this.”

Chris Wilson

Head of Capacity & Performance at Birmingham International Airport

“We had very high expectations prior to the introduction of the system, and I am very happy to say that the outcome has proved very successful. The system has capabilities of further enhancements which will provide other long-term solutions in the future.”

Paul Davies

Operations Director at Bristol Airport

“We are able to keep our passenger fully informed 24/7 about what to expect at security. Our aim is to make the experience as smooth as possible – BlipTrack help us do that.”

Adrian Witherow

Chief Operating Officer at Edinburgh Airport

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