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Specializing in creating analytic tools to transform
pedestrian and vehicular flow into value.

BLIP Systems is an information technology company with headquarters near Aalborg, Denmark. The in-house designed BlipTrack solution is a sensor agnostic analysis platform with live and historical information in a web-based, intuitive user interface with compelling visualizations.

From pedestrian and vehicular queue- and flow management to advanced capacity forecasting, BlipTrack provide decision makers in airports, road traffic, amusement parks, train stations and ski resorts with visibility and all the necessary tools to optimize staffing resources, improve revenue while maintaining a high level of customer service.

BlipTrack is successfully employed in optimization efforts in more than 25 international airports, including Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, JFK Airport in New York, CopenhagenOslo, Manchester, Dublin, Brussels, Geneva, San Diego, Keflavik and Edinburgh

The solution is also implemented in road traffic in Switzerland, ThailandNew Zealand, UKDenmarkSweden. In recent years, the solution has also been rolled out in ports in Denmark and UK, train stations in Holland, ski resorts in USA, amusement parks in Denmark and UK, and at events all over the world.

“We had very high expectations prior to the introduction of the system, and I am very happy to say that the outcome has proved very successful. The system has capabilities of further enhancements which will provide other long term solutions in the future.”

Paul Davies
Operations Director at Bristol Airport

“With BlipTrack we are able to keep our passengers fully informed24/7 – both in the terminal and online – about what to expect at security. At peak times, up to 3,000 passengers an hour travel through security and our aim is to make that experience as smooth as possible whilst ensuring safety – BLIP Systems helps us do that.”

Adrian Witherow
Chief Operating Officer at Edinburgh Airport

“BlipTrack has helped identify time periods where passenger wait times exceed 10 minutes, thereby allowing us to assess schedule deficiencies and taxi dispatches. The data has greatly helped improve the customer experience by providing us the ability to schedule taxis to be available when needed.”

David J. Boenitz
Director of Ground Transportation at San Diego International Airport.

“BlipTrack helped Thai citizens to travel home faster during two major traffic events: Songkran and New Year holidays. The system allowed not only road users to decide route choices via travel time info online but also the Thai Highway Police to manage traffic in real-time.”

Dr. Songrit Chayanan
Director of Samut Sakhon Highway District.

“We use BlipTrack to see when levels of service are breached and locate the reasons. This has helped us to identify work shift problems and to make more informed decisions.”

Guðmundur Karl Gautason
Project Manager - Operation Research at Keflavik Airport.

“The main advantage of using WiFi/Bluetooth sensors is the low cost of measurements, especially for longer time frame deployments. Bluetooth/WiFi sensors are currently the most suitable technology for measuring slow mode traffic flows in an urban network, especially to derive the distribution of flows and route choice in the network”

Jeroen van den Heuvel
Senior Researcher at NS Stations

“BlipTrack allow us to gain a good understanding of check-point dynamics. In combination with the operational experience of our security staff, we work in an increasingly more proactive way. And most importantly, our customers benefit directly by getting a better service.”

Anita Filli
Project Manager Landside Operations at Genève Aéroport

“The data from the BlipTrack sensors reveals, how reliable traveling times are and how much they vary. Furthermore, they show, which routes are used for shortcuts in peak times. This information is useful for managing road traffic”.

Dr. Christian Ordon
Project Leader at the Office of Transport of the Canton of Zürich.

“The benefits we have gained from the BlipTrack solution since implementation are very significant. We now discover errors and irregularities that we would not have a chance to see otherwise. In addition, it is extremely educational and easy accessible to study how the incidents of various kinds influence the road network.”

Asbjørn Halskov-Sørensen
Project Manager at Aarhus Municipality

“The BlipTrack solution helps improve service levels for the municipality commuters. The real-time travel time and wait time information allows drivers to make informed route choices that ultimately distribute traffic and increases the operational performance of the road network.”

Anders Kruse Christiansen
Project Manager at Aarhus Municipality

“We consider that the ease of extracting traffic data from BlipTrack is significant to see how time savings are achieved. Selecting the required route, date, time, etc. is very straightforward and simple to understand.”

Lee Gilbert
Traffic Engineer at Portsmouth City Council

“BlipTrack has helped us get a better understanding of the dynamic traffic system and provides quantifiable data to support the improvement measures to traffic flows. This will allow us to continue to provide a world-class service to our customers and community by efficiently managing traffic flows in and out of the port.” Read more.

Timothy Godden
General Manager of Strategy and Risk Management at Port of Dover

“With the BlipTrack solution, our operational managers gain a greater understanding of the passenger journey through our terminals. This enhanced awareness allows Finavia to further improve the customer experience.” Read more.

Pirjo Lähteelä
Head of Passengers & Airlines at Finavia

“BlipTrack provides us with valuable real-time insights about passenger queue time dynamics. It helps our managers to secure low queue times at minimum cost, and also provides our Analysis Department with direct feedback on their forecasting performance.” Read more.

Esben Kolind
Head of Operational and Business Analysis at Copenhagen Airports

“BlipTrack has helped us to resource our operations on the day, and to identify pinch points and potential build ups. The very accurate data is used by our staff to monitor operations, and has enabled us to provide an optimum passenger experience by displaying accurate queue wait times.”

John Seely
Technology Projects Manager at Dublin Airport Operations

“BlipTrack helps us manage and eliminate potential problem spots within the facility. Sharing the processing time with our travelers provides them with peace of mind, so they may continue to expect a pleasant travel experience.” Read more

Gert-Jan de Graaff
President and CEO of JFKIAT

“BLIP Systems provides us with valuable insights in passenger processes. The insights are used to continuously improve our performance together with our stakeholders. BLIP Systems has proved to be a reliable partner, with a clear understanding of our needs.”

Martijn Van Boxtel
Operational Manager Terminal Logistics at Schiphol Group

“BLIP Systems has positioned CVG on the technology cutting edge of real-time wait analytics and efficiency planning. BlipTrack provides us with immediate visibility to the customer experience and resource effectiveness with throughput planning. The solution allows us to put the customer at ease at a critical stress point and reinforces our expectations around superior customer experience.” Read more

Brian Cobb
Vice President, Customer Experience at CVG

“With the automatic BlipTrack measurings, we now know precisely how many passengers to expect at the passport control at specific hours, and based on that we can reduce tailbacks.”

Kaj Lykke Majlund
Commanding Police Officer at Copenhagen Airport

“Bliptrack enables us to continually refine, evaluate and improve key operational processes.” Read more

Bjorg Hill
Contract Manager at Oslo Airport

“BlipTrack has given us a dynamic and valid tool to document our performance against service level agreements, and also to ensure that the right numbers of staff are in the right place, at the right time, for our passengers.” Read more

Rick Mernock
ATM Policy and Planning Manager at Manchester Airport

“BlipTrack enables us to monitor the quality of the terminal processes to improve resource planning, and to perform consistent reporting to internal and external stakeholders.”Read more

Ward Decaluwé
Director of Operations at Brussels Airport

“The solution alerts airport employees about developing bottlenecks which allows them to react to the situation more quickly.” Read more

Daryl Jameson
Vice President at JFKIAT

“In CPH, we manually measured effectiveness in connection with wait time, until we found BLIP Systems’ queue and dwell time solution, BlipTrack”

Marion Lobedanz Witthøfft
Research Manager at Copenhagen Airport

“BlipTrack gives us a clear picture of passenger movements, allowing us to provide the best customer service and proactively manage service levels before any issues arise.”

Giorgio Medici
Head of Customer Care at Milano Malpensa Airport

“The implementation of BlipTrack gives us another tool to help manage the operation of the airport in an even more effective way.”

Janik Reigate
Director of Customer Service at Toronto Pearson Airport

“BlipTrack has enabled CVG to continue our close collaboration with TSA to ensure that the passenger experience is one that enhances the journey experience rather than detract from it.” Read more

Candace McGraw
CEO at Cincinnati Airport


Peter Knudsen


Peter Knudsen is CEO and co-founder of BLIP Systems Systems. He has previously held various positions such as R&D Manager, Department Manager & Project Manager within Ericsson for over 4 years. In addition, Peter has management experience from the Royal Danish Army. A Springwise Interview with Peter can be read here

Lars Tørholm Christensen


Before co-founding BLIP Systems, Lars worked 7 years for Ericsson in Aalborg as a Senior System Engineer and Technical Coordinator. Prior to this, he worked as a Software Consultant for Bang&Olufsen (BeoLogic) and has great experience within the wireless area, and in particular within Bluetooth and WiFi. Lars graduated with a M.Sc.E.E. from Aalborg University in 1995.

Preben Fugl Andersen

Sales Manager

Preben has many years of experience from the IT industry, including IBM and Sun Microsystems. Since 2007, Preben was employed in the traffic industry as director of Swarco Denmark and later as self-employed.

Preben is responsible for the territories: Scandinavia, UK, Ireland, Iceland and the western part of USA.

Mads Bo Frederiksen

Sales Manager

Mads Bo has a technical and international commercial background from working most of his life with export of both software and hardware components of hi-tech products. Having worked for 21 years in video surveillance systems, medico-technical systems and NBC detection and prediction software, Mads Bo is quite familiar with technical products and systems.

Mads Bo is responsible for the territories: Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and the eastern part of USA.

Christian Bak

Sales Manager

Christian Bak has worked in B2B export and international sales for over 16 years. Christian has managed to penetrate new markets and consolidate market shares globally. Christian has acquired his international experience in Western Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. In recent years, Christian has had significant focus on sales to the airport and airline industry, ranging from Ground Power Units to Tetra Radio infrastructure including interfaced applications for the airport communication platform.

Christian is responsible for the territories: Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Canada, The Great Lakes area ( US ) and the Middle East.

Christian Bugislaus Carstens

Marketing Manager

Christian is an efficient, innovative and creative marketing professional with an extensive background in all modern forms of marketing and brand building activities – both offline and online. Christian has an in-depth knowledge, experience and profound interest in content and digital marketing, copy writing, graphic design, advertising, communication and social media. 

Areas of work and specialties include:
· Preparation of promotional and advertising materials, including graphic design and elements, photo editing, copywriting, layout for case studies, newsletters, presentations, product specifications, web and social media.
· Social media strategy, management and advertising amplification ( paid promotion ) on various platforms, such as Linkedin and Twitter.
· Brand identity, marketing and management.
· Website strategy, development and management.
· SEO including Google Adwords and Analytics.
· Exhibition and event preparations.


Kim Høgskilde


Experienced commercially focused CEO in international businesses. Planning and execution of go-to-market strategies for 25 years in leading IT and service companies, with proven results within strategy, turn around management, sales management in complex B2B sales processes, business development, M&A activities and board governance.

Thomas Riis

Board Member

Thomas Riis came to LD Equity in 2008 from North Sea Capital, where he since 2005 has worked with international private investments in regards to co-investors, Secondaries and in private equity funds. Before this, Thomas worked for 3i (Nordic), where he was involved in private investments in medium-sized Danish and Nordic companies (01-05). Thomas has also worked with M&A consulting in PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance (98-01) as well as Gudme Raaschou (97-98). Thomas holds a M.Sc. (Econ.) from University of Copenhagen.

Claus Holstein

Board Member

Claus Holstein is MD of the Port of Aalborg with more than 20 years experience in export trade. Positions held at companies with more than 150 employees and an export percentage above 70%, where he has directly contributed to their international growth. Claus Holstein is currently serving 8 professional boards with focus on international trade and growth. Claus Holstein has a Master of Commerce in Organisation & Strategy from Aalborg University, where he still holds the position of external lecturer.

Jan Hove Sørensen


Jan Hove Sørensen joined LD Equity in 2006 from PA Consulting Group as a Senior Manager. Prior to that Jan worked as a Director of Oracle Corporation (1999-2003). He holds an engineer's degree from the Technical University of Denmark, a HD from the Copenhagen Business School and has participated in INSEAD's management programme. Jan is a member of the investment committee for LD Equity 3 K/S.